Releasing Stream of Consciousness

Warning: this post makes extensive use of unprofessional anthropomorphization. Today I’m releasing a new project called Stream of Consciousness. It’s a website where you can read the thoughts of Livia Pacifica, an imaginary person powered by Large Language Models, vector databases, and plain old storytelling. Livia is a digital artist. She uses text-to-image models to …

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It’s crunch time for my latest project. I always feel a mixture of love and hate for this phase of every project. It’s been gestating for many months and now there will be some pain in the delivery.

AI and creativity, an interview with Kevin Donnellan

Kevin Donnellan from Explainable was kind enough to interview me with some very interesting questions. Here’s the full interview: First off, The Infinite Conversation. What first sparked the idea, why Herzog and  Žižek? And could you talk through how practically you set it up? I wrote extensively about how the idea came about in this article. …

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I made an ePaper, solar-powered digital photo frame, or: the call for Solarpunk

Motivations Many times I’ve considered buying a digital photo frame, but there was always something putting me off. Most of the commercially available options are easel back frames, designed to be placed on a table. The few alternatives available for hanging frames have the unsightly issue of the dangling power cable, something that I dislike …

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