Still one of my fav quotes on naming expressions:
“One of the things that every sorcerer will tell you is that if you have the name of the spirit, you have power over it.”
by Gerald Jay Sussman


Two perpendicular thoughts: 1) I am amazed how easy it still is for a large program (like Blender or Firefox) to fail to compile on a modern, common distro. A large list of dependencies greatly increases the chances of compile-time mishaps and makes the whole process resemble surgery. 2) I am amazed at how easy …

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The thin line between quaint-retro and plain-obsolete

In 2016 the news of an auto shop in Poland still using a Commodore 64 for balancing driveshafts became very popular. The idea of a 25 years old computer still performing its task seemed to both fuel the story of ancient technology being sturdier than the modern one, and instill respect towards a mechanic who refuses to bend …

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