Paradocsical – impossibly good docs

My good friend Davis and I have been working together on creating a repository for our favorite documentaries. As of today, this receptacle takes the form of a website where anyone can go through our curated list of what we consider the finest documentaries ever made, and can stream the ones that are available free of charge. We call it: Paradocsical.

We are currently exploring in which direction to take this project next. Creating the list provided interesting challenges, both from a technical and an ontological perspective. We even toyed with the possibility of helping visitors find the perfect doc with a little help from a chatbot.

Ultimately, we think this tool might help us find like-minded individuals, people who enjoy the craft of storytelling and the various shapes that it takes. As more and more content is siloed behind the servers of the usual suspects, we feel there’s a need for the community of filmmakers and doc-lovers to engage in appreciating the medium, rather than being drowned in the deluge of it.

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