Turn your Twitter history in a micro-blog

What’s more navel-gazing than talking about your blog on your blog? Ever more distrustful of social media companies, I decided to import my tweets here. After trying a dozen or so of WordPress plugins for the task and finding most of them non-functional or very subpar (“of course it only imports the last 200 tweets!”), I went on and wrote my own importer.


Imports tweets, images and videos from your tweet archive to your WordPress blog

This script does some basic filtering on your tweets (no RT, no replies, no messages with many recipients), connects to your WordPress blog via wordpress_xmlrpc and creates posts with images, videos and all the rest. The only thing we are missing, as far as I am concerned, is some way to progess gif files. Each post created has the date and time of the original tweet and is tagged “lessthan280chars”.


  1. Go to twitter-export-image-fill and follow the instructions to a T.
  2. Download twitterToWordpress.py and place it in the root directory of your twitter archive.
  3. Open twitterToWordpress.py and put your WordPress blog credentials and URL on line 14. You may also want to change the default tag for your twitter posts to something other than ‘lessthan280chars’ on line 17.
  4. Go to the root directory of your twitter archive and run twitterToWordpress.py there (using terminal/command line).

Done! You are ready for the digipocalypse.

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