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Delaunay Triangulations have been a very popular graphic tool for the past few years and they don’t seem to lose ground. If anything, it’s a style that seems to be accelerating, as the low-poly feel spreads from ICO websites to indie games.

I had some fun time putting together a very simple editor that helps to create a Delaunay Triangulation filling each triangle with the colors of a picture. Yet another micro project with D3.js.

Feel free to try it out, the images are not uploaded anywhere – everything happens in the browser. If you wish to download the result as a SVG file, this is a really good Chrome plugin to help with that: Export SVG with Style.

Generally, to process a foreground shape I have good results keeping the initial point count low, then adding points around the edges to give details. If it’s an image without a particular subject, go wild and increase the initial point count.

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